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Time Banks in a nutshell

  1. Participants list the services they can offer and those that they need

  2. All agree to both give and receive services

  3. Everyone is interviewed and provides references

  4. Every hour giving help earns the giver one credit called a time credit

  5. Participants ‘buy?the services and support they need with their time credits: every hour received is one time credit

  6. The time broker co-ordinator matches up the giver and receiver

  7. Every transaction is recorded on a computer using a software package called Timekeeper

  8. Participants receive a regular time bank statement

  9. One hour is Soul Eater Cosplay Costumes one credit regardless of the skills one offers

  10. Participants can donate credits to other participants or the ‘time bank pool

  11. Everyone is seen as special with a contribution to make

  12. All activities maintain set standards of care iphone 5 cases, including insurance and a code of ethics.




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